I believe there are two approaches to creating art, one is the product approach where all efforts are focused on the final product and the other approach is the process approach, where the final product is merely the outcome or result of that process, sort of a reminder, like a ticket that shows you went to the ball game or theater. My Art is focused on the process approach, I don’t tie myself to the outcome in anyway, I simply accept the results. Making art for me is a meditative spiritual practice, one that’s all about the process, an expressive physical process, not mental, the mind is quiet and the body takes action, a moving meditation, Drawing in the Zone. The thinking, or critical mind has no place in this process, it only gets in the way. Engaging the inner artist, the hand jumping around the paper like a seismographic needle, the feeling of dancing with the drawing, intuition and expression being fully engaged, this is my drawing process. Every drawing is meditation in action, expressing energy, “the Juice”. 

Experiencing the drawings, outside the creative process the question arises, since these drawings were created with no apparent attachment or outcome, what value do they have, if any? In fact they may have no value outside the creative process, but the answer to this question I leave up to the viewer’s discretion to the find their own connection and meaning. My work is the result of a process approach to creating drawings, paintings and photographs as apposed to a product one. Experiencing the final pieces may be appreciated from either a process point of view or as an end in and of the themselves. The choice of materials used is based on the need to express energy in an intuitive way becomes a new experiment in expression